There are a few coincidences that I have noticed over the years. Here they are as I see them;

Eminem releases “Not Afraid” – September the next year Occupy Wall Street started. It’s interesting that Em wasn’t involved in Occupy, the largest stand to date in his lifetime. We broke out of the cage, stood up & faced demons.

At the largest Occupy per-capita (Denver) myself & a few friends fed thousands free food, daily. I was targeted as a “leader” in the leaderless movement that was Occupy just for feeding. If feeding is leading than I’ll accept that charge. We were pepper-spayed, shot with rubber bullets, arrested & tons of harassment from the city and there slaves (aka cops, pigs, 5-0, etc). During occupy & after, to this day, they follow me. I just hope they are paying attention to the lessons. They are apart of the solution just as much as you and I.

Because it was the largest occupy, Denver’s mayor, governor, and city council met with national council to the likes of bush and company. They formed the most politically correct war on there people and I was standing front line on the first strikes. One night after midnight in -0° weather they sent by street sweepers followed by paint trucks followed by turning on the water sprinklers (in-0°), followed by playing “la cucaracha” on slave car loudspeaker systems while being spotlighted and we still stood until the next day. That night I almost died of frostbite & chemical inhalation but mainly the condition of humanity.

Those were humans driving those trucks, turning on those sprinklers, mixing those chemicals to be blasted upon me, blasting the loudspeaker until 4 am and holding my head in the cross hairs awaiting orders from atop those buildings. Worse than the frostbite was the sting of the realization that those are the minds we were standing for. This was the first attack in a wave of attacks that brought occupy down. This was the first attack by the us on the us people in the new politically correct line of attacks. You have seen these tactics since occupy at every large protest, Standing Rock for example. Yes that is snow on the ground in the video below.

2 years after occupy – December 24th 2013 I was hit by a drunk driver while stoped at a stop light.  She was going over 65 miles per hour.  Her truck went over 2 medians before pushing our car over a 3rd at 65+ miles per hour. The car I was driving was t-boned at 65+ MPH on the driver side.  Her truck was inside my car, over me, 2.5 feet, covering almost my entire body. I survived a shattered leg, broken ribs, compressed spine, collapsed lungs and diffuse axonal injury or DAI. DAI means the axons in my brain were sheared or disconnected. It is the same in grown folk as shaken baby syndrome. Upon arrival it took the firefighters 45 minutes and the jaws of life to extract me. I don’t recall 2 days before the accident and I was in a coma for almost a week.

After waking and months of physical therapy my leg (which has a titanium rod inside of it) had to be re-operated on. Once the 2nd operation was complete I was administered fentanyl of which almost killed me again. The considered lethal to anyone dose that was/is documented to be my allergy took my temperature down to almost 80° and blood pressure down to almost nothing before rebounding, fully conscious, as the crash cart arrived. The third politically correct attempt on my life? March 27 2011, 6 months before occupy I released this remix of Eminem / Lil Wayne Drop The World; 1003 days before December 24th 2013.

The district attorney that prosecuted the drunk driver and won later prosecuted and won against the individuals arrested for the homeless camping ban, the results of occupy. I was in both courts. The da and others present years earlier witnessed pictures of what I survived and let me tell you being homeless is worse. This will be appealed to the highest courts soon. Here’s what has occurred since; Denver’s first tiny home village creation for homeless community. This is a start to the solution but the real solution comes when already built people-less homes are filled with homeless people. The solutions are there people, lets all continue working towards the real solution to the problem.

By the way: Open your eyes was released by Immortal Technique before all of this in 2008, the year I held my first large food drive; Tent State University at the DNC in Denver CO.

Please comment your thoughts. Feel free to share or repost my story with link to my blog!

Thanks for reading.

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