Conscious Living

Living consciously in the subconscious, effectively changing the living world daily.

In my previous post I talk about living consciously in the subconscious.  My next string of “life” posts will cover this topic.  Now, let’s begin to consciously dig deep into the subconscious.  For clarity, I will start by defining both terms:

Conscious: Aware of and responding to one’s surroundings; awake.

Subconscious: Of or concerning the part of the mind of which one is not fully aware but which influences one’s actions and feelings.

Subconscious patterns:

Conscious thought effects a persons life and the living world around them.  A conscious mind is awake and able to make necessary change decisions as interpreted.  What are subconscious patterns?  Unnoticeable daily patterns which enter life, influence our actions or feelings, and leave just as quickly as they came.  Within subconscious patterns, humanity springs forth “life” all around us.

What kind of subconscious patterns are there? As mentioned; waking, eating, defecating, sleeping, repeat create daily life.  Subconscious replies create the world around us.  What was allowed is what became & what is allowed will become.

Subconsciously as a society we have allowed the degradation of our surroundings.  We allow people to be homeless & foreclosed peopleless homes exist everywhere.  The basic needs of our society are not met.  Through this allowance, society’s feelings are now negative towards homeless people.  Systematically this is a good thing.  If people are scared to be homeless, they will be much more compliant.

Subconscious attacks are executed at every level.  In the case of homelessness, fear of loss is used on society.  So society conforms to “standards” set within and judgements are made.  This creates a separation.  Of course there are still awesome people out there whom help (aware of subconscious patterns), but my reference is to society as a whole.

Where has the compassion gone within humanity?  Propaganda is now passed as marketing, destroying society and creating a funnel for resources turned over in the name of the greater good.  More to come in the next few days on my next blog post

For now, here’s some Pink Floyd!

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