A bit about me…

First, I am a father of 2 beautiful girls. Founder of FightWithFood.ORG, MusicPoll.ME and Mile High Artists Inc. I have produced many events from weekly shows to large scale massive events. I was one of the main planners in the Tent State Music Festival @ the DNC. Award winner “Best Concert” The Westword 2009

On that note FightWithFood.ORG also won Best Activism Blog or Site 2010, nominated 2011, from The Westword in Denver, CO.

I was nominated best Twitter user in Boulder, CO 2011 by The Westword from Denver, CO

11 things you may not know about me: 

  1. I worked for Paul Allen at the original high speed internet access company – High Speed Access – and I know why cable internet sucks!
  2. I am an “elder” (previous) for my Church of which I helped launch a very successful daycare within the Church of which is still operating, and sustaining the Church.
  3. I have developed and successfully launched over 60 websites most product based. I am addicted to buying domain names and web development.
  4. I have taken a business from profiting around 50K per year to over 1.5M in less than a year with the implementation of a new line of products, product testing and a website.
  5. I have been offered leading positions in a Fortune 10 company, Fortune 100 company, and privately held companies as a web engineer that I have turned down because they required time contracts exceeding two years.
  6. I have developed product based websites that have obtained higher search engine rankings than the manufacturers of the products themselves.
  7. I have been in the music industry and musical event based promotions for over 15 years now.
  8. I have lived with Barry Fey – “The Rockfather” – http://www.barryfey.com/ – Barry holds gold records from bands like “The Who”, was the first promoter to bring many bands to the US like “Led Zeppelin”, and has graced the cover of many publications like “The Rolling Stone”.
  9. I have developed a security program/code for ColdFusion against URL hacking and released it open source.  One of my current projects is another security program/code for PHP.
  10. On December 24th 2013 I was hit by a drunk driver; Due to extreme bodily trauma I am now disabled.
  11. I am an 37 year old Eagle Scout.

Bonus Round: 

  • I would like to volunteer with the World Food Programme in the near future.
  • I am an ENFP – if you know, you know!  If not read: http://typelogic.com/enfp.html

I Web Master:

I also run:

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