How to save & replant raspberry seeds

I have been researching how to save seeds from all sorts of plants, mostly fruit lately.  I have compiled a couple of procedures that I am going to try this year.  Most of the research shows a natural compost style to be fruitful.  In this case I will be replanting raspberry seeds.


1. Obtain ripe or over-ripe berries.

2. Place berries in metal grate colander.

3. Press the berries onto the sides of the colander (you can collect the juice as you squeeze it out).

4. Rinse and drain until most of the color is out and you see mostly seeds.

5. Get a small 3 inch high plastic container and fill it with 1 inch of compost.

6. Apply a layer of seeds to the top of the compost.

7. Fill the container with 1 more inch of compost, covering the seeds.

8. Apply a second layer of seeds on top of the compost.

9. Fill the container the rest of the way with compost covering all seeds.

10. Fill the container with water.

11. Set outside checking throughout the winter to make sure the compost is never dry.

This is my first time doing this so pictures of the rest of the instructions will follow this spring!  Please read on…

12. In the spring after the first frost, dig a 2 inch deep trench about 15 feet long.

13. Use the entire container of compost and seed mixture to fill the bottom of the entire trench.

14. Back fill the trench.

15. Apply water as suggested for the type of berry you will be growing in your climate.

I will update this post when new pictures are available.  Thanks for viewing!

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